Plate Tectonics

This sculptural lamp consists of three 1/4" plate glass rounds set in sequence. Each side of each round has progressive versions of movement of the earths crust over millennia. One can clearly see continental drift from all angles of this piece. It is fascinating to see how the earth moves regardless of human needs.

This lamp is an idea I've thought about for many years. It represents continental drift and the passage of geologic time. The piece consists of three rounds of 1/4" clear plate glass with the back panel showing the Continent of Pangea/Gondwanaland and an amoebic image on the far side representing the beginnings of life in the seas of earth. The second panel shows the spread of the continents each millions of years apart on both sides. The forward side of the middle shows hands as if images blown in chert onto cave walls and heralds the presence of Homo Sapiens Sapiens and present time. The frontspiece is 150 million years into the future. I like seeing continental drift that moves so slowly to us humans represented three dimensionally. So much time and movement shown in such a unique way.