About the Work

Fire & Ice Studio's design work is unique in the architectural art glass world. The designs are not only attractive; they are essential in our busy postmodern world.

The Zen-like tranquility created by the softening effects of etched and carved mirror is a welcome necessity in our hectic, busy world. It creates a nurturing sea of light and calm, with the sparkle of reflectivity of your well-designed surroundings. Creativity flourishes in this environment.

The transformation that occurs, when we fit the work to the people and the spaces they inhabit, is amazing both in it's effect, and healthful value.

Working with Feng Shui principals in mind, combining eastern and western esthetics, we move positively into the sphere of our collective future. With two aspects, architectural and sculptural, our studio art falls into three categories:


Cave art and art of ancient cultures are fascinating. One can wonder about the worldview of the people who lived in the times the art was made, and how the individual artists felt about creating such imagery. Their brainpower and thought processes equaled ours. Imagining life within their eco-niche and the immediacy of their life and death experiences has always intrigued me.

Each time I redraw an image that was originally drawn by an ancient human, one of my ancestors, I feel kinship in a visceral way. The art is very sophisticated; on par with anything modern man creates. I try to capture the intent of these otherworldly images from our communal past.

My concerns with overpopulation and the effects on nature are expressed in this series along with some of the Natural World pieces. Some images are of animals, especially human/animal codependency.

The Natural World

Water flowing imagery, both on glass, in wood and linocut and as water ink prints from the glasswork. They are beautiful, curvy and sensuous. Liquid on liquid since glass in it's solid form still flows, albeit slowly.

I like doing plate tectonic crustal movement images superimposed on one another to show how much the earth changes on it's own without our interference. Living in earthquake country may have had something to do with needing to make something solid out of the earth's crust.

Geometric Designs

Plate glass and mirror lend themselves to geometric imagery and light play. The endless ways these forms can interact and combine with natural and artificial light makes for sophisticated and beautiful work.